Installation of by WastlJ

Description is a plugin which enables you to do several things...

  • Install backports kernel (OMV 2.x only)
  • Install even more plugins. For a complete list have a look here:
  • Add custom repositories
  • Adds support information with selectable modules (OMV 2.x only)
  • Adds process list with sort feature (OMV 2.x only)
  • Install and boot from SystemRescueCD, Clonezilla, and Gparted-Live ISOs.


From OMV web interface (preferred method)

Download the plugin to enable this repository here:

  1. For OMV 2.x (stoneburner) - openmediavault-omvextrasorg_latest_all.deb
  2. For OMV 3.x (erasmus) - openmediavault-omvextrasorg_latest_all3.deb
  3. For OMV 4.x (arrakis) - openmediavault-omvextrasorg_latest_all4.deb
  4. Go to the plugin tab in OMV's web interface.
  5. Upload the file.
  6. Select the newly uploaded plugin openmediavault-omvextrasorg
  7. Click on Install. Refresh page.
  8. Go to the plugin tab and click Check.


From command line as root

  • wget -O - | bash


Questions / Problems / Discussions

If you encounter any problems, please create a post in this thread in the forum:

Unofficial Plugin Repo for 0.5 Sardaukar, 1.0 Kralizec, 2.0 Stoneburner, 3.0 Erasmus

Thanks to RyecoAaron for a Great Job on this Plugin!